Southern Menus Growing Healthier? See How Southern Menus Are Changing to Save Lives

Southern food recipes take their cues from the South’s earliest inhabitants, the English, French, Spanish, Native American and African American cultures contribute to the flavors in Southern recipes. Because there is a good deal of coastline in the South, seafood is very popular, particularly in the “Low Country” of the Carolinas, and through the Gulf cost region. This area is known to have some of the best Shrimp in the world.

In the South, the tradition of cooking recipes handed down by generations of cooks has created a cuisine loved around the world. now that southern cooking has become popular, and specialty products like Grits are now available nationwide.


Local Restaurants And Fine Dining

You can enjoy foreign fare at the Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and other establishments in the area. Or, if you prefer traditional American dishes, you can choose from almost anything including fast food spots, pizzerias, bakeries, and contemporary fine dining.

No matter what you like to eat or what your lifestyle, you’ll find something that will get your taste buds going. Even vegetarians and those who are super health conscious have numerous local restaurants to choose from. Then, there’s location. You can eat along the beautiful beaches, in the downtown area, or even have a meal while taking in some of the area’s nightlife.

More southern restaurants, cookbooks and even food manufacturers are starting the see the hand writing on the wall and have started to follow this health conscious market. More have started to respond by adding healthy gourmet southern recipes for the upscale health enthusiast. These recipes have fueled a trend toward lighter eating by including lighter ingredients cooked with quicker cooking methods. This results in a healthier eating experience.

All these sudden changes have taken the traditional southern food lover by surprise, but many will come around sooner or later.

Reason number one is because of the relentless research, work and marketing more southern restaurant, recipe books and food manufacturers are putting in to create better tasting recipes. Reason number two is the growing numbers that are slowly eliminating traditional ingredients from their menus. Reason number three is the health factor everyone will have to acknowledge voluntarily or by force with higher medical bills and health issues. Stay tuned.