Top 3 Destinations in the Indian Ocean for a Luxury Honeymoon

Honeymoons are the most important holiday a couple will take in their lives. There is a wealth of exotic destinations to choose from. Below you will find the top 3 picks for the perfect luxury honeymoon. (more…)


Honeymoon package – The best way to choose yours

If a marriage and having a child is among most special events for a couple, the honeymoon is also a strong contender. For many couples the honeymoon was among the most ( sometimes ‘only’, unfortunately ) special episodes in a marriage. The ultimate aim of the honeymoon is to provide the right setting for a couple to spend dome quality intimate time together in celebration of the union, as well as to have some time in getting to know each other.

Having a great setting is certainly advantageous in this regard. It is certainly a tough job to fit the tastes of both members as well as the budget, but when it is done, there is nothing like it. Couples should sit together and research on the honeymoon package to select the best they need. (more…)


Hawaii honeymoon resorts

Hawaii is the very destination to take your honeymoon in. The feel of romance here is palpable in the air. There are a good number of Hawaii honeymoon resorts that offer some excellent packages for honeymooners. There are a good number of extras that are offered in conjunction with the stay, such as air fare, dining, special gifts, flowers, wine, champagne, as well as a host of unique activities. (more…)


9 Reasons To Choose Bali As Your Honeymoon Destination in 2017

When trying to decide where you should go on your honeymoon there are so many places to consider! Do you want an island getaway? A relaxing spa resort or a tropical jungle adventure? Well, Bali has all of this packed into one exotic and incredibly beautiful island. Whilst Bali enjoys year round sunshine and warm weather its absolute peak season is from December to the end of January with plenty of families opting for an overseas Christmas. And while June through to August is considered the high season, it’s also important to keep in mind that sometimes the in-between seasons like March, April, and October tend to be quieter, cheaper, and perfect for honeymooners! (more…)


How to Visit Zurich on a Budget

Zurich, the home of Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, is one of the most spectacular city in Switzerland. It’s that kind of city that has a generous cultural background but also an exquisite life-style. If you’re an energetic person then you’d better visit Zurich in spring or summer. If you want a relaxed holiday, with dinning in old restaurants then you should come here in the winter. (more…)


You Must Visit These Amazing Places When You Go to New York

There is no doubting that New York City is, like Paris, one of the most amazing cities in the world. It’s an exciting, jaw-dropping, complete experience, and no matter how many times you visit the city it never feels old. It is a whirlwind of activity and the city never slows down. It never sleeps, and it won’t wait for you to catch your breath. (more…)


Jamaica wedding photography – preserve the most precious moments of your life

It’s the jewel of Caribbean Sea. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. People flock to see its reef-lined beaches and rainforests. It’s the most romantic place in the world to some people. If you are still wondering, we are talking about Jamaica, the most popular wedding destination known for superb Jamaica wedding photography. (more…)


Baisakhi – The Sikh festival of harvest and new year

Also known as Vaisakhi, Baisakhi is an ancient festival of harvest, which also marks the beginning of the new year of the Sikhs as well as the foundation of the Khalsa in 1699 at Anandpur Sahib by the Guru Gobind Singh who is the 10th Guru of the Sikhs. Traditionally, it is the fiesta of the Punjab and Haryana states, which also commemorates the start of the Baisakh month as per the solar Nanakshahi calendar. When this is translated as per the English calendar, it comes to mostly April 14.

The festival has varying significance in the rest parts of India. For Orissa, Kerala, west Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Nepal; it is the celebration of the Hindu solar year. On the other hand, in Himachal Pradesh, people revere the Hindu Goddess Jwalamukhi and in Bihar, people worship the Sun-god. In Kovalam, it is known as the Tamil New Year. In addition, many people see this day as the day of bathing in holy streams such as Ganga and Yamuna. (more…)


Rhodes Holidays: top destinations to visit


This capital of Rhodes has lots to offer. It has a walled area of cobbled streets where there are many shops ,cafes and interesting places to visit. There is Mandraki harbor where you can fish or watch the boats. Here you see the remains of the Colossus of Rhodes. Well that’s the legend .

There are a couple of good town beaches. We found our Rhodes holidays at Greecevillasrentals. We also found a good maritime museum. Rhodes town has a good cosmopolitan feel. It has everything you may need and more. Sit near the market outside one of the many cafes and watch the world go racing by. (more…)


Attractions in Philippines, the Visayas

Welcome to the land of 7107 islands! This is where the low tide always forms one more island increasing the number to 7108. With these many number of islands, you can imagine the range of attractions in Philippines that are sure to keep you engaged for many days. So, take time and come to explore the attractions in Philippines, which have spread across the islands. (more…)


Tourist attractions in Patnitop

Located in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir, Patnitop is a famous tourist destination in the district of Udhampur and on the National Highway 1A to Srinagar. This hill station is so named after a pond of princess whose remains can still be seen today. Nestled picturesquely in the Shivalik range of the towering Himalayas, the tourist attractions in Patnitop are quite captivating and adventurous. (more…)


Tourist Attractions in Cape Verde

Welcome to the African holiday heaven! Situated off the West African shoreline, Cape Verde is an array of islands of which nine of them are unpopulated. Although the climate is dry, every visitor enjoys here in their own ways – all thanks to the tourist attractions in Cape Verde. As it is an island, nobody can miss to explore the beautiful nature here that resides in form of endless white beaches and lively atmosphere. So, for a water sport enthusiast, it is just the perfect place to be. (more…)